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  Our Mission
Our Vision
To be a preferred, global, professional, management certification institution with highest ethical standards.

Our Mission
• Assist in the professional, executive training, and social development of Business & Management professionals
• Promote and protect the integrity of the Membership, Training, and Designations both nationally and internationally.
• Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional community, industry, government departments, and related academic professionals.
• Enhance employment opportunities for Members at all levels via networking, training, outreach and continuous professional development.
• To continue to grow internationally.


In order to offer its professional certification programs to international students, AIBM has identified and appointed quality educational institutions world-wide who are authorized to offer AIBM/AIFB/AIPLM programs. Before enrolling in a program, please verify with us whether the center you are enrolling in is a bona-fide center of the AIBM or not. Moreover, students MUST also ensure that their center pays the registration fees to AIBM within 14 days of such receipt from them and they receive direct confirmation from AIBM.

Application for Affiliation:
All educational institutions seeking affiliation with AIBM should apply to AIBM giving details about:

1. Name of the Institution
2. Name of the Principal/Director
3. Address ; Contact Tel no; Email
4. Website
5. About the institution
6. Its other affiliations

Affiliated Institutions will be authorized to:
1. Admit students for AIBM/AIFB/AIPLM certification programs
2. Provide professional training by appointing AIBM approved trainers as authorized AIBM/AIFB/AIPLM training centre
3. Collect examination and membership fees on behalf of AIBM/AIFB/AIPLM
4. Prepare students for the certification exam at the authorized examination centre


Affiliated Institutions:

1. Al Tareeqah Management Studies

University Building, Plot No. 6
Al Jazeera Al Hamra, Inside Rakia FZ
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Ph:    +971 7 2433055
Mob:  +971 50 6338236

Contact Person:
Dr. Hemant Kumar
President & CEO
(Person authorised to develop all AIBM international affiliations)


2. Infonet Institute

312, Al Attar Shopping Mall,
Karama, Burdubai, UAE

Ph:    +971 4 334 8140
Mob:  +971 
50 610 9802

Contact Person:
Mr. Narendar Kesav



  Latest News

American Institute of Business and Management (AIBM) would certify professionals in all areas of Business & Management other than Finance, Banking, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

Its Subsidiary  institutions AIFB and AIPLM would certify professionals in those areas.


Student Member
All students registered for the certification program becomes student member upon payment of examination fees of $330. Student member would receive his membership number.        More...


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