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  Our Mission
Our Vision
To be a preferred, global, professional, management certification institution with highest ethical standards.

Our Mission
• Assist in the professional, executive training, and social development of Business & Management professionals
• Promote and protect the integrity of the Membership, Training, and Designations both nationally and internationally.
• Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional community, industry, government departments, and related academic professionals.
• Enhance employment opportunities for Members at all levels via networking, training, outreach and continuous professional development.
• To continue to grow internationally.


The Council acts as the final decision-making body of AIBM/AIFB/AIPLM in policy and education matters. Like the Education Committee, it comprises people with extensive experience and expertise in their field.

Advisory Council
In line with its mission, the American Institute of Business and Management and its subsidiary institutions Advisory Council consists of members who bring rich educational and professional business experience. This council serves as the advisory body to the Institute’s top management, administration, and faculty on issues ranging from long term directions and missions, setting the development of new and innovative certification programs, the improvement and upgrading of existing programs, and ensuring that proper quality and best ethical standards are maintained.

The following are some of the key functions of the Advisory Council:
• Provides advice and counsel to the President, administration, and academic members of the Institute in achieving its mission and organizational goals.
• Participates in the strategic planning process and development of certification programs to ensure the accomplishment of objectives.
• Provides advice and assistance to the Institute on matters related to faculty development.
• Supports professional development programs and industry based seminars/conferences sponsored by the Institute.
• Assists the Institute in creating internships and employment opportunities for its certified professionals.
• Assists the Institute in identifying and cultivating business supporters.
• Engages in other activities proposed and approved by the Council

Senior Committees and Boards
The following committees and boards are designated senior by virtue of resolution of Council implementing the AIBM Bylaws.  Note: Some of these committees may also be designated as Senior Technical Committees.
• Review Services Committee
• Management Standards Executive Committee 
• AIBM Peer Review Board
• Board of Examiners
• Consulting Services Executive Committee 
• Employee Benefits Executive Committee
• Information Technology Executive Committee 
• Professional Ethics Executive Committee
• Disciplinary committee – To investigate cases against members       (student/associate/fellow) professional and ethical misconduct

2012-2018 AIBM Board of Directors
The Board of Directors acts as the executive committee of Council, directing Institutes activities between Council meetings. The Board meets three times a year and is responsible for reporting to the Council at least semiannually.

Members of the Board
1. John P. Gellene, President
2. Bob J. Price, Director, Examination Board
3. Carol Gissell, Director, Professional Ethics Committee
4. Rob D. Stein, Director, Disciplinary Committee
5. Neely Tucker
6. Christopher McGill
7. Paula C. Bock
8. Doug Hoagland
9. Daniel F. Peter
10. Andrea R. Avril

  Message Board

American Institute of Business and Management (AIBM) would certify professionals in all areas of Business & Management other than Finance, Banking, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

Its Subsidiary  institutions AIFB and AIPLM would certify professionals in those areas.


Student Member
All students registered for the certification program becomes student member upon payment of examination fees of $330. Student member would receive his membership number.        More...


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