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  Our Mission
Our Vision
To be a preferred, global, professional, management certification institution with highest ethical standards.

Our Mission
• Assist in the professional, executive training, and social development of Business & Management professionals
• Promote and protect the integrity of the Membership, Training, and Designations both nationally and internationally.
• Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional community, industry, government departments, and related academic professionals.
• Enhance employment opportunities for Members at all levels via networking, training, outreach and continuous professional development.
• To continue to grow internationally.



Notification July 2018

Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology.

Bur Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Phone +971 43974905

Zabeel Institute is authorized to do  following certifications

1: Certified Finance Manager

2: Certified Accounting Professional

3: Certified Cost & Management Accountant

4: Certified Anti-Money Laundering professional

5: Certified Logistics and Supply chain professional

6: Certified Logistics and Supply Chain Manager


Special Resolution : No.248/15/01/2015

AIBM announces the following 2 certifications.

AIBM authorises Al Tareeqah Management Studies, UAE to market them exclusively in middle east.


The Program overview, Examination, Exemption and Certification as per AIBM/AIBF/AIPLM standard guidelines.

It could be obtained separately upon application. 


!. Certified Contract & Project Management Professional (CCPM)

Certification Body: AIBM 

Certification Module:

1: Contract & Project Management Process

2: Time Cost & Quality Management

3: Project Human Resource & Communication Management

4: Risk Management & Project Procurement Management

5: Integration and Change Management  


2. Certified Financial and Management Accountant

Certification Body: AIFB 

Certification Module:

1: Introduction to Management Accounting

2: Fundamentals of Management Accounting

3: Advanced Management Accounting

4: Advanced Financial Management

5: Budgetary Provision & Management Accounting 


Additional Approved Certification 

1: Certified Logistics & Supply Chain Manager (I& SCM)

2: Certified Logistics Supply Chain management Professional (I& SCP)

3: Certified Warehouse Professional (CWP)

4: Certified ERP Professional (CEP)

5: Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional (CS& FP)

6: International Trade & Letter of Credit/UCP600 (LC/UCP600)

7: Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM)

8: Certified Purchase Professional (CPP)

9: Certified Project Management Professional (CPMP)

10: Certified International Corporate Human Resource Manager (ICHRM)

11: Certified Hospital / Clinic Human Resource Management Professional (HHRM)

12: Certified Human Resource Manager (HRM)

13: Certified Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP)

14: Certified Finance for Non Financials & Entrepreneurs (FNF&E)

15: Certified Sales & Marketing Professional (CS&MP)

16: Certified Lean Management Professional (CLMP)

17: Certified Strategic Operations Manager (SOM)

18: Certified Six Sigma Professional

19: Certified Executive Secretarial Professional (CESP)

20: Certified Finance Management Professional (CFMP)

21: Certified Multi-Disciplinary Management Professional (CMMP) 

22: Certified Research Professional in Management Practices (CRPMP)

  Message Board

American Institute of Business and Management (AIBM) would certify professionals in all areas of Business & Management other than Finance, Banking, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

Its Subsidiary  institutions AIFB and AIPLM would certify professionals in those areas.


Student Member
All students registered for the certification program becomes student member upon payment of examination fees of $330. Student member would receive his membership number.        More...


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