Certified Brand Manager (CBM)

Elevate your brand management expertise with our Certified Brand Manager (CBM) program. This immersive course empowers you to navigate the dynamic landscape of branding, equipping you with the essential skills to craft, nurture, and maximize brand value. From establishing a solid brand identity to leveraging digital platforms effectively, you’ll gain insights that drive business success. Join us to become a master in strategic brand management and make a lasting impact in today’s competitive market.

Certification Program Objectives:

By the culmination of the Certified Brand Manager (CBM) program, participants will be able to:

  • Devise comprehensive branding strategies: Formulate effective approaches to create, maintain, and enhance brand value in competitive markets.
  • Conduct in-depth market research: Demonstrate proficiency in researching market trends and consumer behavior to inform brand decisions.
  • Forge a consistent brand identity: Develop a brand identity that resonates with the target audience and remains consistent across various channels.
  • Execute cohesive brand communication: Implement integrated brand communication strategies that align with the brand’s core values and resonate with customers.
  • Navigate the digital landscape: Utilize digital platforms to build a compelling online brand presence and engage with digital-savvy audiences.
  • Lead strategic brand initiatives: Lead and oversee long-term brand strategies that adapt to market changes and drive sustained brand success.

Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • 2 – 5 years of relevant work experience

Certifying Examination:

  • To be certified as CBM, student should take up a 1.5 hours online exam conducted by AIBM.
  • The qualifying exam would consist of 50 multiple choice questions, testing core certification modules.
  • Professionals with relevant experience and other qualifying criteria may be exempted from the examination.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Brand Management
Module 2: Market Research and Consumer Insights
Module 3: Brand Development and Identity
Module 4: Integrated Brand Communication
Module 5: Digital Branding and Online Presence
Module 6: Strategic Brand Management

* The modules of the certification are constantly updated and are subject to change.

Who should do this certification:

The Certified Brand Manager (CBM) certification is tailored for individuals seeking expertise in brand management. It holds value for professionals across various roles:

  • Brand Managers: Those responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing brand strategies.
    Marketing Managers: Professionals aiming to deepen their understanding of branding’s pivotal role in marketing efforts.
  • Product Managers: Those keen on integrating effective branding strategies to enhance product positioning and recognition.
  • Communication Specialists: Individuals focused on creating cohesive and impactful brand messaging.
  • Digital Marketers: Professionals looking to extend their skills to the realm of digital branding and online engagement.
  • Entrepreneurs: Individuals starting or growing their ventures who want to establish a strong brand presence.
  • Advertising and PR Professionals: Those involved in crafting and promoting brand narratives.

The CBM certification caters to anyone passionate about branding and its influence on business growth. Assess your career objectives and current skills to determine the suitability of CBM certification for your professional journey.