Examination & Certification
AIBM, AIFB and AIPLM are examination and testing bodies. All students ONLY taking self study / ONLINE study option should take up the qualifying exam before they are certified.

All certifying exams are conducted by the American Institute of Business & Management.
Student gets the username and the password and has to attempt the exam on the scheduled date. Each certification examination is from 1.5 hours to 4 hours.

• Examination & Certification Fees
The examination and certification fees of each program of AIBM, AIFB and AIPLM are US $1330. The fee can be also paid directly to the affiliated centers.

Exemption From Online Examination 

Students taking trainings at certified training centers, may be exempted from examination, either upon successful completion of the training programs and/or upon recommendation to the AIBM Certification Board.

This is a privilege granted to candidates, fulfilling prescribed. criteria of training and holding practical experience in the certification area.