Certified Children’s Storywriting Professional (CCSP)

The Children’s Story Writing Certification covers a wide range of topics, assisting you in developing your characters, plot, and writing a great story for children all over the world. You will learn how to create characters and plots. With online modules that you can study from anywhere at any time on any device, you will get the guidance, skills, and support you need to become a children’s story writer.

This course will allow your creativity to flow, assisting you in becoming a successful writer; no prior experience is required. The information-packed modules have been meticulously designed to provide you with everything you need to confidently write a children’s story.

Certification Program Objectives:

  • When working on your own project, the course will help you become a creative thinker.
  • You will learn how to organize your thoughts so that you can write clearly.
  • When you see your work on paper, it boosts your self-esteem.
  • You will discover your love of writing.
  • You will be forced to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve writing success.

Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • 2 – 5 years of relevant work experience

Certifying Examination:

  • To be certified as CCSP, student should take up a 1.5 hours online exam conducted by AIPC.
  • The qualifying exam would consist of 50 multiple choice questions, testing core certification modules.
  • Professionals with relevant experience and other qualifying criteria may be exempted from the examination.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Selecting an Age Group Point of View: Who’s Telling the Story
Module 2: How to Build a Good Children’s Book Character
Module 3: How to Use Backstory Without Being Boring
Module 4: How to Write Dialogue that makes your Story Flow
Module 5: Crafting Engaging Plots for Children’s Stories
Module 6: Adding Depth and Meaning to Children’s Stories Through Themes

* The modules of the certification are constantly updated and are subject to change.

Who Should Do This Certification:

This certification is specifically crafted for individuals with a passion for crafting captivating stories for children. Whether you’re a seasoned writer looking to specialize in children’s literature or someone new to the craft but filled with creativity and enthusiasm, the Certified Children’s Storywriting Professional (CCSP) certification provides the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in this field.

  • Aspiring Children’s Authors: If you have a love for storytelling and dream of creating magical worlds that ignite the imaginations of young readers, the CCSP certification is the perfect starting point. It offers comprehensive guidance on the fundamentals of children’s storywriting, empowering you to bring your creative ideas to life on the page.
  • Educators and Librarians: Teachers, school librarians, and educators who are passionate about fostering a love for reading and literacy in children can benefit greatly from the CCSP certification. It equips you with the skills to not only select engaging children’s literature but also to create your own stories that resonate with young audiences, enhancing your ability to inspire and educate.
  • Parents and Caregivers: For parents, grandparents, and caregivers who wish to enrich the reading experiences of the children in their lives, the CCSP certification provides valuable insights into what makes a great children’s story. By understanding the principles of storytelling and child development, you can create personalized tales that entertain, educate, and foster a lifelong love of reading.
  • Illustrators and Artists: Artists and illustrators interested in collaborating with writers or creating their own illustrated stories for children can benefit from the CCSP certification. Understanding the narrative structure and elements of storytelling enables you to create visuals that complement and enhance the written word, resulting in captivating and visually engaging children’s books.
  • Literary Enthusiasts: If you have a deep appreciation for children’s literature and aspire to contribute meaningfully to the genre, the CCSP certification provides a deeper understanding of the craft of storytelling. By honing your skills in character development, plot construction, and dialogue, you can create stories that leave a lasting impact on young readers and contribute to the rich tapestry of children’s literature.
  • Creative Professionals: Writers, editors, and content creators seeking to diversify their portfolio or specialize in children’s literature can expand their skill set with the CCSP certification. Whether you’re transitioning from another genre or starting a new chapter in your writing career, this certification equips you with the expertise to craft compelling stories that resonate with young audiences.

Whether you’re an aspiring author, an educator, a parent, an artist, or simply someone with a love for children’s literature, the Certified Children’s Storywriting Professional (CCSP) certification offers a pathway to unlock your storytelling potential and create magical worlds that captivate the hearts and minds of young readers.