Certified Dog Grooming Professional (CDGP)

Many people’s lives are not complete without their animals. They become dependable companions that reciprocate love when shown affection. This course gives a thorough overview of dog grooming, including its background and an examination of the anatomy and health of dogs.

Dogs are susceptible to parasites, infections, and zoonotic diseases, and pre-grooming health checks can help to spot coat or skin conditions. To show you how to efficiently groom a dog, we provide a number of lessons and examples. We provide guidance on how to handle challenging dogs and oversee their training to maintain the efficiency of your service. You’ll discover safe methods for bathing, washing, and drying dogs so they emerge clean and fluffy.

Certification Program Objectives:

  • Discover the importance of pet grooming, the tools you’ll need, and your animal-handling style.
  • Learn about the background of pet grooming.
  • Recognize dog anatomy, fundamental health issues, parasites, and preserving health.
  • The significance of a pre-grooming health examination and updating clients on their pet’s condition.
  • Discover the numerous skin and health conditions, as well as the ideal canine grooming techniques.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Anatomy and Health, Parasites, Infections, and Zoonotic Diseases
Module 2: Coat and Skin Disorders
Module 3: Prepping the Work Area
Module 4: Detail Grooming (Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Feet, Bottom)