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CERTIFIED Logistics professional (CLP)

Our practical curriculum emphasizes the nature and essence of the Supply Chain Management course- SCM, enabling students to develop strong, valuable, professional skills. The CLP program emphasizes a global approach to SCM and facilitates the global perspective through affiliations with companies and organizations.

Traditional supply chain programs have grown out of Operations Management, Purchasing and Logistics. The easiest way to construct a Supply Chain Management curriculum has been to select from the menu of courses offered in those separate fields and hope that the integrated SCM perspective somehow comes across.

Unfortunately, many students only end up understanding the pieces rather than the integrated nature of the supply chain.

The CLP Course Offers:

• Integrated SCM curriculum – not just logistics or procurement.
• Contact with national and international SCRC member company professionals.
• Real company projects solving real industry problems as part of the coursework.
• Consistently high placement of CLP professionals.

Integrated Supply Chain Management Perspective:
This concentration focuses on studying business relationships between a company, its suppliers and its customers. Students develop in-depth knowledge of the entire flow of the end-to-end supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. A particular emphasis is placed on information and supply flow throughout the process.

Not Just A Logistics Certification Course:
The logistics component utilizes various tools and frameworks to help students understand the basis behind effective logistics decision-making and how it relates to broader issues in managing the entire supply chain and fulfilling a firm’s strategic objectives. The course material is drawn from several sources, including a recently published textbook, recent articles from the popular business press, and academic journals.

What Is The Salary Outlook In CLP?
Excellent employment prospects, a fast-paced, fulfilling work environment, and the opportunity for career growth all sound great, but you’re still thinking, “show me the money!” Starting CLP salaries for 2021 average $45,771, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. And that’s just the beginning! As your experience and responsibilities grow, you can expect to earn an average of $89,300 as a Supply Chain Manager or logistics professional, according to the 2021 Mercer Benchmark Database for Logistics and Supply Chain Positions.


Logistics Certification Course Modules

• Supply chain dynamics.
• Supply chain inventory management.
• Warehouse & Transportation.
• Global Logistics.

The CLP Course Modules Have The Following Elements:


To be certified as Certified Logistics Professional, students should take a 1.5-hour online examination. Each exam would consist of 50 multiple-choice questions.

Why do You Need Professional Certificate In Logistics?

The core reason logistics and supply chain certification is an appealing career choice is its benefits. Some of the reasons that make it unique are: 

• Huge job diversity
• An excellent platform for skill growth 
A career path for all interested in logistics and supply chain 
• An area to develop transferable skills
Great career opportunities 
• An evolved future and positive career path


To be certified as CLP, students should take up a 4-hour exam at the designated examination centres. Each exam would consist of 50 multiple-choice questions.

Why Choose American Institute Of Business & Management?

American Institute of Business & Management is a leading examination and certification body founded by leading academicians, professionals, and businessmen in the United States of America. AIBM offers a range of progressive, flexible, and affordable Logistics Courses. The logistics certifications course covers business and management’s theoretical issues and offers many practical skills applicable to potential employers.







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