Certified Professional Ghostwriter (CPG)

In addition to learning about the many varieties of ghostwriting, you will obtain a better grasp of what ghostwriting is and, more importantly, what it is not from this course.

You don’t have need a related degree to be a competent ghostwriter. The Ghostwriting Business Diploma Course examines educational possibilities and offers advice on how to begin and advance your writing. It also emphasizes the crucial abilities needed to succeed in this industry.

Ghostwriters have more employment options than you might realize. These alternatives are described in this course, which includes everything from in-house and agency jobs to freelancing.

Certification Program Objectives:

You will learn,

  • How the industry of ghostwriting operates and how writers begin
  • How your personal and professional networks could be a good place to find ghostwriting jobs
  • How to effectively pitch a ghost-writing client, literary agent, or publisher; what to demand in a fair publishing arrangement and
  • What price to charge; how to collaborate and do the client justice; how to maintain control of a project so that it is completed on time; and how to stay away from projects that are too risky.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Preparing to Ghostwrite
Module 2: Pre-writing
Module 3: Ghostwriting
Module 4: Copyright