Certified Professional Nail Artist (CPNA)

More than ever before, beauty therapy is relevant in the culture of today. You may want to consider a career in the burgeoning cosmetic and beauty therapy sector. The Nail Artistry Certification could advance your career, regardless of whether you are currently a nail technician or have aspirations to be one.

Anyone with a love of nail art who wants to pursue a lengthy career in the nail industry or who is already a nail technician but wants to brush up on their skills and advance their profession should take advantage of the nail artistry certification.

Certification Program Objectives:

  • Recognize nail art and the duties of a nail technician.
  • Learn about the various skin layers and how nail technology uses them.
  • Learn about the many parts of the nail, how quickly they grow, and the anatomy of the nail so you can apply it to your work as a nail technician.
  • Learn how to successfully set up your workspace. The need of effectively cleaning your work area in between patients is discussed in this module’s section on hygiene.
  • Recognize the significance of engaging with your customers, providing advice, and teaching them how to properly take care of their nails going forward.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Nail Technology
Module 2: Nail Anatomy
Module 3: Basic Nail Art
Module 4: Nail Maintenance