Certified Proofreading and Editing Professional (CPEP)

You can learn how to edit and proofread content to make it publishable by enrolling in the Certified Proofreading and Editing Professional certification. You will get knowledge about language, editing, and the methods required to carry out the roles efficiently. You will also learn how to start your own company and provide proofreading and copy editing services.

Copy editing and proofreading are defined in detail in the first section of the course, along with their differences and overlaps. You’ll learn the competencies required for both positions, where they fit into the editing process and why, as well as the distinctions between editors who work in book publishing and those who edit newspapers and magazines.

Certification Program Objectives:

  • Comprehend the editing procedure.
  • Recognize the distinctions between copy editing and proofreading, and be able to design your own style sheet and style guide.
  • Know some of the most popular British Standard symbols and have a basic understanding of the concept of underlining text on paper.
  • Possess a working knowledge of ten of the most important spelling rules in English.
  • Identify common grammar mistakes including dangling modifiers and sentence fragments.
  • Know how to recognize the many components of a text or manuscript.
  • Possess the abilities necessary to be a skilled proofreader and copy editor.
  • Understand how to launch your own editing and proofreading freelance business.

Certification Modules:

Module 1: The Difference Between Copy Editing and Proofreading
Module 2: Tables, Figures and Other Elements of Copy Editing
Module 3: Errors and Rules in Spelling
Module 4: The Final Proof