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Certified Risk Manager (CRM)

The Certified Risk Manager (CRM) program is a comprehensive training designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and mitigate risks within organizations. In today’s dynamic business landscape, risk management is crucial for ensuring business continuity, protecting assets, and making informed decisions. This certification empowers participants to identify potential risks, develop risk management strategies, and implement risk mitigation plans. Whether you’re new to risk management or seeking to enhance your expertise, the CRM program provides a deep exploration of key concepts, practices, and methodologies.

Certification Program Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Certified Risk Manager (CRM) program, participants will achieve the following objectives:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Risk Management: Grasp the foundational principles of risk management, including risk assessment, risk identification, and risk evaluation. Learn how risk management contributes to organizational success.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Develop skills in developing effective risk mitigation strategies. Learn techniques for minimizing and controlling risks through preventive measures, risk transfer, and risk acceptance.
  • Risk Management Frameworks and Tools: Understand various risk management frameworks and methodologies, including COSO, ISO, and PMI. Explore risk assessment tools, scenario analysis, and risk modeling techniques.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Governance: Learn how to navigate regulatory compliance and governance related to risk management. Understand the legal and ethical aspects of risk management within organizations.
  • Effective Communication and Reporting: Acquire skills in communicating risk-related information to stakeholders. Learn how to create risk reports, conduct risk presentations, and facilitate risk discussions.

Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • 2 – 5 years of relevant work experience

Certifying Examination:

  • To be certified as CRM, student should take up a 1.5 hours online exam conducted by AIBM.
  • The qualifying exam would consist of 50 multiple choice questions, testing core certification modules.
  • Professionals with relevant experience and other qualifying criteria may be exempted from the examination.

Certification Modules:

  1. Fundamentals of Risk Management
  2. Risk Identification and Assessment
  3. Risk Mitigation Strategies
  4. Risk Management Frameworks and Methodologies
  5. Regulatory Compliance and Governance in Risk Management
  6. Effective Communication and Reporting of Risks

* The modules of the certification are constantly updated and are subject to change.

Who Should Do This Certification:

The Certified Risk Manager (CRM) certification is designed for a diverse range of professionals seeking to excel in identifying, assessing, and managing risks within organizations:

  • Risk Managers: Individuals responsible for leading risk management efforts within organizations.
  • Compliance Professionals: Those focused on ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and ethical standards.
  • Finance and Accounting Professionals: Those interested in risk assessment and mitigation from a financial perspective.
  • Project Managers: Professionals aiming to incorporate risk management into project planning and execution.
  • Organizational Leaders: Managers and executives aiming to enhance decision-making through effective risk management.
  • Internal Auditors: Individuals interested in evaluating risk management processes and controls.

Embark on the journey of achieving the CRM certification to deepen your understanding of risk management, become a pivotal player in minimizing organizational risks, and contribute to the overall resilience and success of your organization.