Management is not only about solving structured problems efficiently and effectively but also about the challenge of transforming a situation into an opportunity in an ever-changing competitive environment in the era of globalization and further, handling human problems in real life to synergize the team effort.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business administration from American Institute of Business Administration (AIBM) equips the students and managers with skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of the corporate world. It strengthens the leadership capabilities of students. The learning model provides transformational experience that fosters professional, intellectual, and personal development. It is designed to provide a unique, market-relevant combination of a comprehensive business education with real-world applications.

Potential Careers
After PGDBA, students are absorbed at the managerial level in private as well as government sector. In fact managers perform a broad range of duties in virtually every sector of the economy. There are many opportunities in the field of management, marketing, healthcare management and human resource management. The PG in business management helps to reach senior management ranks within most companies.

Program Modules

PGDBA 312  Financial Management
PGDBA 313 Human Resource Management
PGDBA 314 International Business Management
PGDBA 315 Strategic Management
PGDBA 316 Operations Management
PGDBA 317 Marketing Management
PGDBA 318 Financial Accounting
PGDBA 319 Management Accounting


To be qualified as PGDBA student should take up a 3 hour exam at the designated examination centers in each module. Each exam would consist of 50 multiple choice questions.

Diploma in Business Administration:
A student is awarded a “Diploma in Business Administration” if he/she completes/qualifies the first four courses.