Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP)

This training is intended to provide participants with an understanding of industry best practices for evaluating lighting retrofit projects and transitioning to the latest lighting technologies. Over the course of three days, our professional instructor will guide you through advanced lighting applications, systems, and technological […]

Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEPP)

Do you purchase, sell, trade or market energy? Professionals in energy procurement concentrate on purchasing, selling, bartering, and marketing energy. Depending on their area of operation, they may have specialized knowledge of either regulated or unregulated markets. They comprehend the energy industry’s structure, markets, outlook, […]

Certified Energy Audit Professional (CEAP)

Do you evaluate and assess energy consumption, identify waste, and suggest cost-cutting measures? Do you aspire to be a first-line professional who can help make significant efficiency improvements, enhance energy use, and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Energy Auditors evaluate and analyze a facility’s energy […]

Certified Carbon Auditing Professional (CCAP)

This training is intended to provide participants with the background knowledge, fundamentals, guidance, and instruments necessary for effective carbon auditing and management. Over the course of two days, our expert instructor will assist you in comprehending a global issue, identifying opportunities for GHG reduction, and […]

Certified Energy Efficiency Practitioner (CEEP)

Energy efficiency practitioners are facility and building administrators or technicians engaged in management, maintenance, and operation. They may be from the business, government, institutional, or industrial sectors of the community. If you work in an office building, high-density residential building, hospital, school or university, government […]

Certified Business Energy Professional (CBEP)

Certified Business Energy Professionals comprehend how significant energy decisions impact an organization’s energy-consuming systems, how these systems impact employee productivity, and how these decisions can impact the organization’s financial profitability and bottom line. They are able to present and justify these programs and projects for […]

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

An individual who optimizes the energy efficacy of a facility, building, or industrial plant is a Certified Energy Manager. The CEM is a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process, and building infrastructure, analyzing the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy consumption. CEMs are frequently team […]