Certified Bar Manager (CBM)

Certified Bar Manager (CBM) Consider a career as a bar manager if you enjoy socializing in a typically upbeat environment. The job has some enjoyable aspects, but you will also be expected to handle a lot of duties. Bar managers typically oversee other staff members […]

Certified Spa Manager (CSM)

Certified Spa Manager (CSM) By focusing on two crucial areas, Sales & Marketing and Finance, the Certified Spa Manager course is created to provide participants with the tools to enhance income in their enterprises. Through a deeper comprehension of contemporary Sales and Marketing strategies that […]

Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM)

Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM) The only advanced qualification in the world for experts in hotel asset management is the Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM) title. CHAM designees are a select group of senior hospitality professionals who have spent a significant amount of time managing […]

CEO certification (CPCEO)

Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS)

Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS) Because you are a good leader, manager of time, and communicator with those around you, you are a successful supervisor in the hotel industry. You encourage your staff and ensure that they adhere to property standards. By obtaining the Certified Hospitality […]

Certified Valet Professional (CVP)

Certified Valet Professional (CVP) The secret to being a successful valet is having the ability to sprint back and forth to the car. The international valet certificate enhances industry standards and attests to the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities the applicant can offer to the market. […]

Certified Wedding Coordinator (CWC)

Certified Wedding Coordinator (CWC) The Certified Wedding Coordinator certification is a course that will teach you all the skills necessary to establish a prosperous career as a wedding planner in addition to how to arrange lovely weddings. With on-the-job training, you can further your career […]

Certified Travel Agent (CTA)

Certified Travel Agent (CTA) Travelers may now have access to a world of choices thanks to online booking, but it may be quite difficult to use. With the right training, you can work as a travel agent who organizes everything and gives your clients fascinating, […]

Certified Housekeeping Professional (CHP)

Certified Housekeeping Professional (CHP) In a cutthroat hotel sector, this program satisfies the need for professionals who are independent, competent, responsive, and effective. You will be given the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in the diversified, quick-paced, and rapidly evolving hospitality sector. With great […]