Certified Logistics Manager (CLM)

Certified Logistics Manager (CLM) The scope of supply chain and logistics is expanding dramatically as more businesses that produce and/or distribute goods rely largely on these professionals. The ability to take advantage of these opportunities is made simpler by the Certified Logistics Manager certification, which […]

purchasing procurement courses

Certified Purchasing & Procurement Professional (CPPP)

Certified Purchasing & Procurement Professional (CPPP)   Purchasing procurement courses Purchasing procurement courses generally include instruction on supplier management, negotiation strategies, contract management, and cost analysis – all of which are critical skills in the purchasing and procurement profession. Companies hire purchasing managers, buyers, and […]

Certified Logistics Professional (CLP)

Certified Logistics Professional (CLP) Our practical curriculum emphasizes the nature and essence of Supply Chain Management – SCM, enabling students to develop strong, valuable, professional skills. The program emphasizes a global approach to SCM, and facilitates the global perspective through affiliations with companies and organizations. […]

Certified Transport Management Professional (CTMP)

Certified Transport Management Professional (CTMP) 3 Certificates in Transport Management 1. Transportation Planning Functional Area Supply Chain Planning Proficiency Intermediate Abstract: This course reviews the transportation planning component of the supply chain planning process. It covers demand and capacity planning within transportation, as well as […]

Certified Inventory Management Professional (CIMP)

Certified Inventory Management Professional (CIMP) Inventory, in most fulfillment systems, is the second largest expense next to transportation. Not only does inventory account for significant operating expenses (such as insurance, labor, storage space, etc.), it also involves a considerable “investment,” which could be spent in […]