Certified Property Manager (CPM)

Certified Property Manager (CPM) Owners, investors, and employers are aware that if a candidate holds the credential of Certified Property Manager, they have the skills necessary to enhance the value of any property, regardless of asset class. The outcome? CPMs might earn more than twice […]

Certified Leasing Professional (CLP)

Certified Leasing Professional (CLP) Obtaining the CLP certification demonstrates your dedication to using the finest standards in apartment leasing. It proves to your coworkers, customers, employers, and prospective employers that you have top-notch education, in-depth knowledge, and practical experience. You can advance your understanding of […]

Certified Property Analyst (CPA)

Certified Property Analyst (CPA) Excel may be used to create adaptable real estate finance models. Case studies emphasize investments in core, core plus, and value-added real estate. This course teaches you how to model rental properties, create rent functions, simulate costs, and compute returns. Additionally, […]

Certified Construction Project Manager (CCPM)

Certified Construction Project Manager (CCPM) This course is designed for all construction professionals who want to enhance their skills and earn the highest standard in construction management. Certification Program Objectives: • Learn to implement the effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of […]