Certified Papercraft Professional (CPP)

Certified Papercraft Professional (CPP) Papercraft is a vast, artistic field with numerous specializations, ranging from origami to card crafting, decoupage to bookbinding. The Papercraft Diploma Course will introduce you to the various ways of working with paper through explanations and step-by-step projects that will get […]

Certified Fundraising Professional (CFP)

Certified Fundraising Professional (CFP) Through the Certified Fundraising Professional certification, you can move from being a complete fundraising novice to possessing a solid understanding of the sources and techniques of fundraising as well as the skills required to develop an immediate-applicable fundraising plan. An example […]

Certified Cheesemaking Professional (CCP)

Certified Cheesemaking Professional (CCP) Fresh, washed, hard, blue, vegan, and cheeses with bloomy rinds. The Certified Cheesemaking Professional (CCP) certification teaches you how to make all your favorites. This course will walk you through the intricate steps of producing cheese, the tools you’ll need, and […]

Certified Professional Acrylic Painter (CPAP)

Certified Professional Acrylic Painter (CPAP) The Certified Professional Acrylic Painter certification will transform you from a complete beginner to a self-assured painter. It is intended to inspire, enthuse, and educate. Techniques and theories are clarified for simpler understanding, and step-by-step projects and practical exercises support […]

Certified Art History Professional (CAHP)

Certified Art History Professional (CAHP) Art is a visual medium through which human ingenuity is communicated. The academic study of the evolution, timelines, and historical developments of the many visual arts and its representations through the use of line, shape, color, form, texture, and space […]

Certified Professional Blogger (CPB)

Certified Professional Blogger (CPB) Do you want to generate income and receive free things in exchange for writing quality content? Then stop searching because we’ll give you the resources you need on this Certified Professional Blogger course to study blogging and content writing and eventually […]