Certified Process Control & Safeguarding Professional (CPCSP)

In the process control industry, safeguarding is particularly important when it comes to the installation of safety apparatus and systems. To design effective safety mechanisms, however, you must have a comprehensive understanding of safety requirements and solutions, safety standards, process control, and fieldbuses, a relatively […]

Certified Reliability Centered Maintenance Professional (CRCMP)

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) is an engineering paradigm for defining a comprehensive maintenance strategy consisting of the process of assuring that machinery continues to perform the functions that a user may require in a particular operating environment. RCM is the central component of cradle-to-grave asset integrity […]

Certified Risk Based Inspection Professional (CRBIP)

API 580 is a recommended practice developed by the American Petroleum Institute that provides guidance for establishing, implementing, and maintaining Risk-Based Inspection (RBI). It prioritizes safety and dependability through risk-based inspection. In the oil and gas industry, AIBM’s API 580 – Risk-Based Inspection exam preparation […]

Certified Risk Based Inspection for Static Equipment and Pipes Professional (CRBISEPP)

RBI is a mechanism for risk-based prioritization and management of an inspection program’s activities. Typically, a small proportion of a plant’s equipment carries a disproportionate quantity of its risk. This inspection technique permits a change in inspection and maintenance resources to provide a higher level […]